The Lodge is a multi-purpose building with a modern kitchen, large open conference room that is also used as the Dining Hall and is great for large indoor activities on the main level.  There is a large fireplace in the Dining Hall that is perfect for indoor campfires when the weather doesn't cooperate.  The lower level houses meeting rooms, classrooms, 9 dorm rooms with beds for 72 people in bunk bed form and bathrooms with shower accommodations.  The lodge is heated and air conditioned making it perfect for use year round!

Main Level Floor Plan

Main Level Floor Plan

Professional Kitchen

The Kitchen is stocked with: Food Trays, Silverware, Coffee/Tea Cups, Glasses, Juice Glasses, Bowls, Drink Pitchers, Paper Napkins, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Sugar Dispensers, two 5 Gallon and three 3 Gallon Drink Containers, Franklin Chef Range (10 Burners, 2 Ovens), Blodgett Convection Oven, Grill with 48x18 Inch Cooking Surface, Floor Mounted Mixer, Kitchen Aid Mixer, Meat Slicer, Popcorn Popper, Microwave Oven, one 100 Cup and three 30 Cup Coffee Pots, Walk-In Refrigerator-Freezer, Dish Washer, Large Assortment of Pots, Pans, Trays for Cooking, Cooking Utensils; Knives, Spoons, ladles, etc.

Food trays Drink pitchers Frankin Chef Range (10 burners, 2 ovens) Large assortment of cookware and serving utensils: 
Silverware Salt & Pepper shakers Blodgett Convection Oven Pots
Drinking glasses Sugar dispensers Grill with 48x18 inch cooking surface Pans
Juice glasses 3 Gallon drink coolers (3) Floor mounted mixer Trays
Bowls 5 Gallon drink coolers (2) Counter Kitchen Aid mixer Knives
Coffee Cups 100 cup coffee pot (1) Meat slicer Spoons
  30 cup coffee pot (3) Popcorn popper Ladles
    Microwave oven  
    Walk-In refigerator/freezer  
    Commercial dishwasher  

Prep Area

Prep Area

Serving Area

Serving Area

Cleanup Area



Dinning Hall

Our Dining Hall has a refrigerated salad bar and serving table, twelve 60" round tables, twenty 8' rectangular tables, and plenty of folding chairs.  There are many possibilities for this space; without the tables it is a large open space that can be used for anything you can imagine, from a wedding and/or reception hall, a large classroom or a space for groups to enjoy a fire!

 Lower Level Lodging

Loft Classroom

Lower Level

Sleeping Areas

Lodge Sleeping Areas

Sleeping Area Floor Plan

Sleeping Area Floorplan

Lower Level Classroom

Lower Level Conference Room


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